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Who killed Lord Michael Jagged...?

One hundred and twenty guests filled Bildeston's Chamberlin Hall on Saturday 24th February, for what was a truly enjoyable evening. Lavenham Players were asked by the Monks Eleigh Village Hall trust committee, to provide entertainment for their fundraising evening to raise money for the final stages of construction of a new village hall.

Lavenham Players' very own Paul Vella, produced a superb murder mystery performance in which some dinner guests find themselves under suspicion in a murder investigation after the rich owner of the country house they have been invited to, is found dead in mysterious circumstances.

Some imaginatively named characters begin to accuse and suspect each other, with the ever watchful detective Austin McClue submitting evidence and clues for the watching audience.

Taking part were Paul Vella (Austin McClue), Richard Fawcett (Brian Sewer), Julie Moss (Mary Jane Faithless), Gillian Fox (Kitty Killer), Jacqueline Clarke (Tamara Fara-Bucktooth), Dean Marshall (Champagne Charlie Bunson), Sally Day (Babs Crayfish), John Moss (Terence Shrimp) and Peter Day (Oliver Steed). The piece was set in the swinging sixties, with some authentic costumes and props to create the scene.

As a group, this was a new experience, and as it turned out, a very good one. We all learned a lot, and would do some things differently, nevertheless we would certainly all be happy to do more in the future - which is very appropriate, because Lavenham Players have been asked by two separate groups whether we would consider putting on similar performances for them.


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