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Preparing for Friday's fun!

Parking a sleigh on a roof - It's a legal minefield!

Coffee and cakes was on the invite from our chair, Louise Harrison this morning. What better way to get together and go though the plans and readings for the Seasonal Readings on Friday 6th December at the Lavenham Guildhall.

We are putting together what we think will be a great evening of all manner of readings from old to new, classic to modern and all with a bit of Christmas sparkle.

We will be hearing from our very own legal representative, who takes us through the antics of a certain Santa Claus, on the night before Christmas - you wouldn't believe the paperwork needed to park on someone's roof!

There is also an insight into what might happen when Darth Vader decides to go and get some Christmas lunch after a long morning in the Death Star, but he might need a tray...

In amongst the schedule of pieces to be read, will be come classic Dickens, Pam Ayres, Godfrey Rust, Imtiaz Dharker, Julie Moss (her own composition), Eddie Izzard and more.

We really had some great fun today as we went through some of the readings to get the

general feel for how the evening will take shape. We think it is going to be a really fun evening, and we do hope that everyone will enjoy what we have put together.

You'll have to get past me if you want your festive penne!

The Lavenham Guildhall is looking festive, as is the beautiful Market Place and we are really looking forward to a diverse and fun evening.

Darth Vader is charging up his light sabre, there will be a judges wig and dog ears, tinsel and a bauble or two. We will be serving mulled wine, cheese and some sausage rolls.

Admission is free but we will be accepting donations for Lavenham First Responders.

We very much look forward to welcoming you all to what promises to be a fun start to the festivities.


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